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La Compagnie "Professional" est un producteur de pointe d’attaches rapides pour equipement de travaux publics, de construction et d’expoilation miniere. La Compagnie fabrique et vend annuellement plus de 1 500 unites de godets avec

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Log grapple (vertical)



Log grapples are intended for handling operations of different kinds. Log grapples are essential at timber companies. They help to decrease the amount of manual work, thus increasing the output.

Log grapples are used for:

  • Lifting and moving of logs of wood;
  • Loading and unloading wood;
  • Stacking and collecting wood;
  • Dropping the timber at a designated site or in water;
  • Piling wood.

Professional manufactures log grapples to fit the necessary technical norms and standards. The special shape of jaws allows to effectively handle round logs of wood and timber. The equipment is easily operated from the operator’s cockpit and even performing complicated operations such as handling the deep-frozen pile of wood.

Professional catalogs feature different models of log grapples, yet all of them are fitted with rotators – special mechanism allowing the grapples to rotate 360 degrees. The models GF-04 and GF-07 are actually grapples, hanging on a single-pin lug. The model GF-042 is double-pinned – this feature allows the operator to control tilting of the grapple. Extra stiffness is guaranteed by special box shape. The cylinders are integrated in the body, that means they are well protected.

The equipment is manufactured of heavy-duty steel, which guarantees long life even when performing complicated operations at harsh climate. The outside temperatures range from -30 up to +40 degrees.

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