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La Compagnie "Professional" est un producteur de pointe d’attaches rapides pour equipement de travaux publics, de construction et d’expoilation miniere. La Compagnie fabrique et vend annuellement plus de 1 500 unites de godets avec

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Griffes et grappins

Versatility, reliability, usability and durability - all of these features allow grapples to be very popular and to have a broad range. Irreplaceable for construction, logging, loading scrap metal - grapples are essential in all these areas to minimize manual labor thus increasing the output. They are used for loading and unloading of bulk materials of various fractions (sand, gravel, pebble, coal, etc.), scrap metal, timber and wood, as well as for the development of narrow pits and wells.

Borrowed from the German language, grapple means ‘to grab’ - such is the concept of this mechanism. There are two major types of grapples: mechanical and hydraulic. The former are operated by cable wires. The latter are mounted in place of excavator bucket and are connected to the hydraulic system of the machine. Their performance is subject to the hydraulic actuator, and they are certainly more comfortable and efficient in operation.

When selecting the proper equipment, one should consider the task complexity and the type of materials to be worked on.

By the number of jaws, grapples are classified into clamshell buckets used for loading and unloading of bulk materials, and multijaw grab buckets used to operate with oversized or lumpy material. When scooping, grapples can perform digging or rake up operations.


1. Mechanical (cable) grapples are suspended on ropes.

2. Hydraulic grapples are attached to the arm instead of a bucket and are connected to the hydraulic system. They are operated with the help of a hydraulic drive of the jaws.

By the number of jaws:

1. Clamshell grapples used for bulk materials (sand, gravel, crushed stone, etc.).

2. Multijaw grapples used for oversized materials.

Multijaw grapples can be further classified as:

  • Open,
  • Semi-closed,
  • Closed.
грейфер открытый
Open grapple
грейфер полузакрытый
Semi-closed grapple
грейфер закрытый
Closed grapple

It’s been several years that Professional has been successfully producing grapples for excavators, as well as for wheel loaders and log grapples. All the equipment by ProfBreaker TM has been thoroughly designed for operating with wood, metal scrap, bulk materials and is manufactured by our own drawings developed by the design bureau of Professional. Among these, are grapples equipped with rotors by Baltrotors. This option enables the equipment to rotate 360 degrees, thus increasing productivity and performance under any conditions.

At special requests, Professional is ready to design and manufacture grapples with specified digging capacity.

Products by Professional are well suited for specialized equipment by different manufacturers. They are made of high quality steels which guarantees high performance and a long, heavy-duty operation. Grapples can be equipped for excavators ranging 8 to 45 tons. Each sample passes pre-sales testing and has 6 months warranty.