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La Compagnie "Professional" est un producteur de pointe d’attaches rapides pour equipement de travaux publics, de construction et d’expoilation miniere. La Compagnie fabrique et vend annuellement plus de 1 500 unites de godets avec

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General description

Bulldozers can be equipped with ripping equipment. On the crawler dozers single - and triple-tooth rippers can be mounted, which are intended to rip soil (including frozen soil) and rock, separating them from the general mass in the form of lumps of various sizes and pieces.

Rippers shanks are used for:

  • heavy soils, soft limestone;
  • shales, heavy clay;
  • cemented gravel, sandstone;
  • frozen soils, compacted construction debris;
  • ripping of the old pavement.

Ripper shanks are installed strictly symmetrical to the longitudinal axis of the bulldozer. Failure to do so causes significant lateral forces and the load on the ripper, which not only reduces the efficiency of the machine, but also leads to its premature wear.

Reliability of ripping equipment is of paramount importance for its long-term operation under various conditions. All this combined effects the cost of subsequent equipment maintenance.

«Professional» uses the latest software and technologies to design rippers. The calculation of the geometry of the tooth and its workspace allows for the most diverse and extreme working conditions (atmospheric, climatic, soil). All this, together with strict control at various stages of production, enables our company to offer the consumer a highest quality product.

All ripper shanks are provided with replaceable tooth and proctor.

Also we are able to manufacture ripping equipment combined.

Production time is 5 to 15 working days.

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